The Board of Directors meets 10 – 12 times a year or as necessary. The Board is made up of individuals from different sectors in the arts as well as professionals in the business community.

Board members’ responsibilities include attending all board meetings, guiding and directing Arts Hamilton’s policy, participating on one or more of our many committees, attending Arts Hamilton’s events when possible and being advocates for our organization (and the arts) at these and other non-Arts Hamilton’s events.

2011/2012 Board of Directors

President: Ilya Pinassi
Vice President: David Premi
Treasurer: Greg Russello
Secretary: Barbara Milne
Kevin Land
Dan Banko
Pat Mackesy
Annette Paiement
Tim Potocic
Councillor Jason Farr


Executive Director: Stephanie Vegh –

Program Director : Stephen Near –

Office Administrator: Dan Abbott –


Fundraising: Ellison Di Julio

E-Blast Development: Marvin Matos –

Program Support: Garvin Nunes –

Administration (Co-Op Intern): Emma Barrette

Bingo Volunteers: Bob Ward, Loreigh Mitges, Sue Firkser