Vision Statement: The Hamilton Arts Council exists to strengthen the role of the arts and culture in the City of Hamilton by making the arts accessible and relevant to the entire community. Mission Statement: Advocate, mediate, and communicate for the arts and the role of the arts for the community of Hamilton. Values: In support of our mission and vision
  1. We value all members of Hamilton’s diverse creative communities.
  2. We believe that the arts in Hamilton are made stronger through collaboration.
  3. We hold that our Artists provide a critical creative dialogue essential to the ongoing social and economic health of the community.


Founded in 1969 and incorporated in 1973,  The Hamilton Arts Council is one of the oldest and second largest community arts councils in Ontario. We are a not-for-profit agency that works to educate the residents of the Hamilton area on the importance of the arts and to promote our viable cultural community to the region. We are an arts organization that strives to be equitable in both definitions of the word “culture”. We have over 150 volunteers working in different capacities such as: Board of Directors, fundraising, committee work; Visual Arts, Literary, Together in Dance, Craft, and Performance, clerical and office help.

Other Memberships & Affiliations

We are members of Community Arts Ontario, an umbrella organization of community arts councils throughout Ontario. This affords us valuable networking opportunities, strength and dialogue with our peers. Members of our board and staff attend a yearly conference held by the Community Arts Ontario in different locations in the Province. We are also members of Canadian Artists Representation Ontario (CARO), an organization created to help artists access legal advice and other concerns regarding their livelihood. Through our membership we are able to advise artists on their rights and direct them through the proper channels. In addition we are members of Dance Umbrella Ontario, a service organization similar in vein to Community Arts Ontario, but devoted entirely to dance.